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This week we welcome a brand new supplier to the Market as Sunrise Wines ( join us for the first time at our tasting on Thursday. Also on Thursday we will be joined by Cugino Forno ( who will be sampling their delicious pizza to go with the wine! New Beers this Week! Nost Brewing Project, Nostos, American Lager 4.5%… – A Clean, Crisp, Unfiltered American Lager. Perfect for the hot weather. Otter Creek Brewing Co, Free Flow, Hazy IPA, 6% – A hazy American IPA brewed with oats and finished with Falconer’s Flight, Citra and Galaxy Hops. Great Lakes Brewing Co, Vivacious, Double IPA, 9% – remarkably smooth Double IPA packed with feel-good hop character. Graft, Lost Tropic, Mimosa Cider, 6.9% – his Tropical Mimosa is what hungover brunch dreams are made of. You can expect notes of tangerine, passion fruit, and tangerine in every sip. New Anthem, Gigging Alone, California Common, 5.2% – California Common Style Lager. Bread crust and Crackery grains. New Wines this Week!! Dynamis Estate Wines, Fumé Blanc, NC – An elegant nose with vanilla bean, pineapple, and lemon zest. Aging in new French Oak adds depth to the palate weight and complexity to the flavor. Creamy lemon curd, vanilla, peach, mango, and sherbet show up strong while the weighty texture of the wine envelopes the taste buds. Suggested Food Pairings: Sushi, , White Fish, Chicken Salad Antucura, Cabernet Franc, Vista Flores – Mendoza, Argentina – The nose opens with smoky, peppercorn and green bell-pepper aromas. Full bodied and savory on the palate, this wine shows peppery spices, green bell pepper and plum flavors blended with notes of cigar box. It has enough acidity to freshen the medium oaky finish. Suggested Pairings: Beef, Goat Cheese, Cured Meat Vina Otano, Garnacha Rosé, Rioja, Spain – Flowers, lemons, white peach, orange rind, white flowers and spice show in the nose and on the bright, citrus, pear and green apple filled palate. Suggested Food Pairings: Spicy Food, Poultry Cour des Templiers, Margaux, France -Remarkably aromatic and sophisticated wine. Its palette extends from black fruits to spices through liquorice. The very smooth tannins make for a satisfying wine with a lasting fruit flavour. Sumptuous, subtle and intense. Suggested Food Pairings: Mature cheese, Roast Meat Unveiling the Charm of Pet Nat Wine: A Bubbly Delight for Wine Enthusiasts! Calling all wine enthusiasts! If you’re on the hunt for a sparkling wine with a unique and charming character, look no further than Pet Nat Wine. Petillant Naturel, affectionately known as Pet Nat, has been gaining popularity among wine aficionados worldwide, and for all the right reasons. Pet Nat is an artisanal and ancient winemaking method that predates Champagne by centuries. The name itself is short for “Petillant Naturel,” French for “naturally sparkling,” and it is precisely this natural effervescence that sets it apart from other sparkling wines. Unlike Champagne, which undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle, Pet Nat is bottled during its primary fermentation, capturing the naturally occurring bubbles. The result is a wine that exudes a sense of vitality and freshness. Each bottle is a snapshot of the grape’s journey from vine to glass, capturing the essence of the vintage and the terroir in its purest form. Pet Nat wines are often cloudy due to minimal filtration, adding to their rustic charm and offering a delightful sensory experience. Pet Nat’s versatility is another compelling factor. It can be crafted from a variety of grapes, from classic Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to more adventurous and obscure varietals. This broad spectrum of flavors means there is a Pet Nat to suit every palate, from bone-dry and crisp to fruit-forward and slightly sweet. So, if you’re in the mood for a unique and refreshing wine experience, consider reaching for a bottle of Pet Nat. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to explore new tastes, this bubbly delight is sure to leave a lasting impression. Embrace the effervescence, embrace the artistry, and savor the pure expression of nature in every sip of Pet Nat wine! Did you know Buies Market is on Untappd? Follow us to keep up to date with all the beer at the market !!