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It takes the whole team to cover the frames for the cold season! #satisfying #gardening #gardencenter #wintergarden

It’s the perfect morning to finish covering the frames! Keep a lookout for our video on the process, it takes a village! #seenatmitchells #gardencenter #greenhouse #wintergarden

What a beautiful sunrise to start a glorious fall day! Go outside today and enjoy it. #fallcolors #fallisforplanting #seenatmitchells

Let’s wish a Happy Birthday to the owners of Mitchell’s! ???? Jim’s birthday is today and Judy’s was on Friday. Happy Birthday Mitchells!

We’re not a regular nursery, we’re a cool nursery ???? #seenatmitchells #plantlife

This is what watering in the cold looks like. Everything is covered in beautiful droplets of ice! The plants will be just fine. We even have a frozen spider web this morning! #seenatmitchells #wintergarden #winteriscoming

Amidst the frost and cold weather, you can still find color in the garden. The Yuletide Camellia provides a wonderful cheery color during the winter months! #seenatmitchells #wintergarden #camelliaflower

Happy Houseplants November Issue –

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. Lorie is wearing purple to represent the cause. Join us next Friday November 10th as we raise money to support the Epilepsy Alliance of America! More info here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/houseplant-swap-to-benefit-the…

Happy Halloween! Enjoy some of our dark foliage options for the spooky season and beyond. Now is still a good time to plant shrubs and trees! #seenatmitchells #fallplanting #halloween

The First Frost is Coming! Protect Your Garden –

It’s a good day to pick out a new indoor plant! Our Christmas cactuses are starting to bud and show their colors. We have red, yellow, and white varieties. We have a wide variety of other houseplants, from 2” to large hanging baskets! #seenatmitchells #houseplants

Poinsettias are getting ready for Christmas! We even have some for your Thanksgiving table! Thursday morning will be 26 degrees, so pull up any summer annuals that are left and plant pansies. We even have wave pansies for your window boxes! #seenatmitchells #pansy #poinsettia

This is the day that the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Lisanne is stapling plastic on coldframes for shrub protection for winter. Enjoy the next few days, as it will feel like winter at the end of next week. #seenatmitchells #fallisforplanting #winteriscoming

Little Gem Magnolias are still blooming. We have these and Teddy Bear Magnolia that grow only 15-20’,along with Brackens Brown Beauty that grows larger with leaves with brown backs. They smell amazing. They also make great Christmas decorations. #seenatmitchells #magnolia

Pumpkins- Bogo- buy one get the second one free until all are sold! #pumpkin #seenatmitchells

Sunsets are as gorgeous as sunrises! #seenatmitchells # sunset

Get outside and enjoy the sunny day! Fall is the best time to plant trees, shrubs, and pansies. #seenatmitchells #fallisforplanting #fallcolors

Kacie has spent the day putting support rings on poinsettias. They make our poinsettias less susceptible to breaking. The greenhouse is starting to get colorful. Jennifer has made some nice combinations. We have a great selection of houseplants. #seenatmitchells #houseplants #poinsettias