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Our Special Sunday pup is Beanie, who finally weighs 5 pounds. Her leg wound has healed and she is healthy, and just barely big enough, for her surgery. Unfortunately, her injured leg was in such bad shape that the veterinarians said the leg needs to be amputated this week. AARF likes to say”Yes” when dogs and cats need special care, but it can be quite expensive. In the last several months we have treated a heartworm positive dog, treated two cats for gunshot wounds (one o…f which required a leg amputation), did bilateral elbow surgery on a dog at NCSU, had to amputate another cat’s leg, which had been crushed and have an old chihuahua needing extensive dental work.. Even with these extraordinary veterinary measures, our adoption fees do not change. These additional expenses require additional funding, which comes from generous donors in our community. Can you give a little extra, to help AARF cover these extra expenses, so we can say “Yes” to the next animal, like Beanie, in need? Donate at and please share Beanie’s post!